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Fresh Aquaculture uses innovative, cutting edge technology to bring organic fish to the economically disadvantaged communities of Bangladesh using efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

Our Mission is to bring economic development and holistic change to the communities of Bangladesh through the agricultural sector. Fresh Aquaculture seeks to eliminate poverty and restore dignity and well-being to local communities.

Bangladesh is a country with a population that exceeds 160 million people. To put it into perspective, it would be like taking half of the United States population and putting them into a state the size of Wisconsin. The preferred protein-rich food source of Bangladesh is fish, but Bangladesh’s rivers are being diverted by China and India, making it very difficult to supply enough fish to meet the demand. Due to overfishing and shortage of water in rivers (except during annual flooding season), the demand for fish has continued to increase as the population is also on the rise.

To address this huge demand issue, we created a technologically cutting edge 60-tank aquaculture fish farm business with our NGO (non-governmental organization) partner. Our fish farm is the largest in Bangladesh, producing over 500,000 pounds of fish annually.


Our Technology

Increases Efficiency

With its recirculating technology, our innovative fish tanks use only 10% of the water required in a traditional fish pond. The success of the system depends on a complex balance of a variety of factors, including 3 processes that control the ammonia created by fish raised in such a concentrated space (bacterial assimilation, uptake of algae, and nitrification). The fish grown in these tanks require less feed than normally required in a fish pond setting due to the algae that is produced in the water and consumed by the fish as the nitrite level is successfully balanced. We’ve also increased efficiency by modifying existing designs and reducing energy requirements. (from requiring 3 pumps to 1 pump per tank).

Improves the Quality and Flavor of Our Fish

Most fish within Bangladesh comes from fish ponds which take a large amount of water and create fish with a muddy taste. This taste tends to lower the value of fish in the market place. Not only are the fish in our tanks raised in a more healthy, organic environment, our method of harvesting and “purging” the fish before sale also improves the flavor and quality of the fish, causing us to be sought after by wholesalers as their preferred fishery.

Is Environmentally Sustainable

We use 90% less water than traditional fish ponds. Fish manure is repurposed to create high-quality fertilizer which also creates an additional income source. Algae grows in the water feeding on the liquid fish waste, while the solids are funneled out of the system with a circulating pump and are used to create excellent quality fertilizer. This allows us to increase efficiency while lowering operating costs and preserve the environment through our organic methods.


Innovative aquaculture technology


producing 500,000 lbs. of fish annually


organically sustainable


New local jobs


60 tanks - Largest Fish farm in bangladesh

Organic Sustainable Growth


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Join us in creating a sustainable food source that empowers communities to escape poverty with dignity in Bangladesh.


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